Wednesday, February 1, 2012

About the Title

I wanted to come up with a cute name for a kid's crafting blog. And I'd just listened to this video that was playing Skip to My Lou. I learned that song in grade school and it always puts a smile on my face. But this version had a verse I hadn't heard before that went "Funny Little Bunny With A Hole in His Shoe, Skip to My Lou My Darling."

So somehow that got mixed in my mind with the thought of a children's tea party, with me as a little girl sitting at a little round wrought iron table, and in one chair is a big fuzzy bunny stuffed animal. If I ever did that as a child I have no idea. I do remember a little china tea set my grandmother bought for me when she visited New Mexico from New York. So there you have it. The way my mind works.

Then when I was looking for a photo I ran across this vintage bunny sleeping on it's side. My friend Bonnie gave that to us when she moved to New Mexico and that is where I grew up, so I cherish it. So welcome to Sweet Tea With Bunny and Me.

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