Saturday, August 18, 2012

Library and Back To School

Many of you are on your way back to school right now. Others of you have year round school.  I don't think I'd like that. I really enjoyed my summers off when I was a kid. I went to summer school, but that was for fun, not because I had to.  I would take swimming and sewing or drawing and painting. I only took things I loved in the summer. Maybe that's why I loved school so much. It loved me right back because with all those summer school credits I had the choice of graduating a year early or going to high school half a day and college half a day, so I did the latter.

I loved libraries and all the librarians loved me.  They were particularly supportive of my poetry. Even now I like to have at least one library day a week.

Our local Haskett Library in Anaheim CA underwent a major renovation a few years back and built a fantastic children's section. My grandson lives 300 miles away but when his parents were in the area last week we were having a heat wave so we headed to the Haskett Library.  It was the first time I'd seen my grandson in action at a library. He's only 3.  He headed straight for the computers. I used my library card to log him in, or you can see the librarian about logging in as a guest. After that we read for awhile.  Then the library closed early since it was Friday, but there is a park behind the library so it had cooled off enough to go meet other kids at the playground.  Going to the library with a kid is so much more fun.

Squid meet kid, kid meet squid.