Friday, April 20, 2012

Plant Something For Earth Day

Help a child plant something for Earth Day. Share with them how important plants are in contributing to our health and the health of our planet. Use discarded food containers like egg cartons, margarine tubs or milk cartons to put your potting mix into. Don't forget the drain holes. Most plants don't like wet feet. Explain how plants need sunlight and water and nutrients to grow.
Or sprout some beans on moist paper towels.  If you have some glass jars or old aquariums, can make a terrarium. Or plant some bulbs. Their big size makes it easy for little hands to get a hold of.

I planted this brown eyed susan vine straight into the ground. It blooms almost constantly.
A few years ago I planted some nasturtium seeds. Now they come up by themselves each year.

I trained the brown eyed susan vine to grow on the gate.

This succulent was planted from a piece that broke off. It's very happy growing in a square container.

Yellow nasturtiums. The big seeds are easy for kids to plant.

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